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Milano Homes Alanya.

Kızlarpınarı mah Stad cad Opposite the Anatolian Hospital - Alanya / Antalya
+90 242 522 42 22
+90 532 581 28 54
+90 (242) 522 42 22
Milano Homes Alanya is our partner company and big company based in Alanya, Turkey established in 2001. Since the establishment date of the company, both domestic and international markets have achieved great success. As Milano Homes Alanya company, we have our main aimed missions:
  1. Milano Homes Alanya is an investment company. Our aim is not to sell real estate to our customers but to offer the most beautiful projects for them at the best prices.
  2. The products we sell are predominantly our own, and there are absolutely sales authorization certificates in places that do not belong to ourselves.
  3. All of our team members who work in our company are the most expert and most successful in their business.
  4. All the products we offer are delivered from A to Z with all controls and all deficiencies are eliminated.
  5. The products we sell are on average 15% lower than market conditions.
  6. We give guarantee for sale to all real estates delivered for sale within 3 months by correct pricing.
  7. Milano Homes As Alanya, we also sell lots of land, hotels and business centres for investment purposes.
  8. As Milano Homes Alanya we also provide investment partnership and investment consultancy services.
  9. We are an expert in the field of our company and we are able to offer you the best and most accurate pricing of your real estate.
  10. We buy the real estates you want to sell, giving the easiest price in our own company.
The biggest reason for winning is sharing. To be with all the beautiful people who know how to share …!
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