Boosting Northern Cyprus Economies

Foreign Direct Invetment.

investment in northern cyprus

Foreign direct investment in Northern Cyprus contributes to the strength of the island’s economies that rapidly growing. The regional revitalisation through various potential investment projects and business innovations  specifically from Turkey,UK and other trading partners generating has fusion domestic markets in creating employment and booming property industries with a profitable returns for both local and foreign investors.

An investment at least €2 million or you own a primary residence in Northern Cyprus of at least €500,000 and you have a clean criminal record..

Northern Cyprus promotes foreign direct investment by being “the best country in the Mediterranean region where property ownership is not entirely confined by the national status, but to anyone who have means and will to do business on  the island.


Anyone who make an investment at least £1,750,502 or owning a residential property in Northern Cyprus with the market value of £437,625 plus a clean criminal record on your name, those merits automatically can qualified you to be considered for the citizenship and permitted other privilege rights. If a person made an investment, 3 years prior to the submission of the application, this can be aggregated into the existing investment.

 You will have the option of investing in the following categories

  • Deposits in local banks for 3 years
  • Real Estate (residential or commercial)
  • Land Development
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Purchase, or participation in local businesses
  • Investment in government bonds for 3 years.

Northern Cyprus offers a favourable and non-discriminatory business atmosphere to all foreign investors. There are functionable infrastructures on the island like roads,housing, water supply and health care system that makes Northern Cyprus best location for your investment. In addition to the quality of the business environment, North Cyprus grants generous investment incentives to all investors, some of the business are free from tax and heavy duties charges on imports such as machinery and construction equipment. Another advantage of investing in Northern Cyprus, is the peace of mind and investment insurance, because Northern Cyprus is on of the safest place in the world with merely zero crime rate more than UK or Germany. The availability of qualified young labour force provided by the number of universities and high enrollment rate with international students sprung across the globe yielding another employment industry and potentiality to island with all sort of skills.

Northern Cyprus is small but its fast growing economy that largely nourished by the universities and educational institutions that attract thousands international students every academic semesters to provides wide ran advantages to both local and foreign investors who renting their properties to the students, in fact students are additional numbers to the tourists that flocking to the this beautiful paradise of Mediterranean region

The most important point is about the political stability on the island and free access to European Union which further heralded a prosperous investment climate that demonstrate rapid socio-political improvements with the positive progresses.


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