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Luxury Hotel in (Girne) Kyrenia with 500 bedrooms, set on 10 acres/ 40 Donum of land and it has 250 KVA electrical transformer for electricity which already installed. The Hotel provides a spectacular views of both the sea and Beşparmak mountain range and got its own private Beach.

Facilities: Consists Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pool, Landscaping, several Bungalows, Wedding Venue, Car parks, Multi-function Conference Centre ( which perfectly suitable for large exhibitions and celebratory events.), Staff sleeping quarters,Spa-Sauna, Restaurants, amphitheater, hamam (turkish bath), Gym, Sports arena, Shopping facilities and many more.

The hotel has gone through some new upgrading and about 90% is already completed.  The Theme: It designed in Ottoman style a very unique architecture that giving a medieval essence of feelings. Often it’s very rare to find a such kind of luxury 5-star hotel that readily available include its operating Casino Licence which alone worth about £3 Million. Plus the Hotel’s popular Brand among its supporting base of loyal customers and clients.



With millions of pounds earmarked to promote tourism and softening business investment by opening a water pipeline system from mainland Turkey to allow much efficiency services to all people on the island. Thus making the island one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret and first-class destination of choice for foreign investment, tourism, educational hub and hot-spot for holidaymakers worldwide.

  • Investment
  • Employment 
  • Economical Project
  • Purchase Right

Special invitation for investment or purchase right of Five-star resort hotel and casino, located in Girne(T.R.N.C.) Investment condition: about 90% has been completed already. (1)-Date of Completion: 18 months after the credit facility. (2)-Economic Life of the Project: Will be Permanent. (3)-Project’s Capacity: It consisting of 500 bedrooms, 134 standard rooms, 30 exclusive rooms and 62 bungalows. (4)-Employment Creation: Totaling 102 personnel. (excluding casino and spa.) (5)-Electricity Demand: 1200-1250 KVA’ .An 1250KVA’ Electrical Transformer has already been installed. (6)-Project’s Objective: It will provide service to both convention and casino tourism with its amphitheatres, spa, swimming pools and other amenities. The business enterprise is a very profitable investment and it will make positive contributions to the country’s tourism.


  • Weddings
  • Meeting Space
  • Dining

The Hotel caters various events from weddings, conferencing summits and other social entertainments like weddings that need meeting spaces. The whole hospitality includes several flexible function rooms with Cable TV, Internet and other amenities. The facility can accommodate over 500 people at once.

  • Restaurant
  • Lounge
  • Cafe

The Spa entwined with modern technology to deliver high performance, luxurious spa experiences in a sensory space for both men and women. This will set you one step back into a time of ancient and explore on a path of inner peace, reflection and the pursuit of wellness. While becoming one with the present moment, re-discover your senses and nurture your spirit.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Studio
  • Resting Rooms
  • Workshop

A lavish and stylish hotel in the heart of the Mediterranean region, it offers a retreat from the bustle of Kyrenia city into a world of luxury and wellbeing. The well-crafted building has been transformed into a surreal modern-like dream world, epitomizing a luxury and smart elegance. With fancy ceiling facade that diffuses natural light and its indoor/outdoor lobby is a layered and sophisticated environment.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Studio
  • Resting Rooms
  • Workshop




  • The Spa services in the hotel is an escapement that enveloping guests into tranquility of uncompromising service and utter complete relaxation. The peaceful signature treatments immerse the senses in unparalleled luxury, creating an experience beyond expectation.

    The 5-Stars Hotel is one of the most prestigious havens in the region, giving the investor or buyer the conceivable ability to own big business enterprise in North Cyprus. The Hotel and its unique theme is most perfect for Middle East, European region and Asia.

Contact: Mr. Cemal Ozkus; For viewing or strike a good deal which you can’t get from anyone else on the island.

  • Living Rooms
  • Security Room



Northern Cyprus, Girne (Kyrenia), Karaoğlanoğlu, Girne Northern Cyprus
Property ID:
Upgrading: 90% is now completed. Operational Validity: The Hotel has Casino Licence which alone worth about £3 Million.
102 Personnel
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Cable TV
  • Camera system
  • Central satellite system
  • Free-WiFi
  • Garden
  • High standard
  • Internet
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Living room
  • Parquet
  • Smoke detectors
  • Swimming pool

contact the owner.

Mr. Cemal Ozkus.

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