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Spot Cyprus Carreeta Festival Has Started!.

August 23, 2018
Spot-Cyprus Carreeta

Spot Cyprus Carreeta Festival-August 23-24

Spot Cyprus Carreeta Festival celebration started today and end on Friday 24 August 2018. This marking 25 years after the Society for the Protection of Turtles (Spot) has formed. The Spot Cyprus Carreeta Festival will feature live music, open-air cinema and business stand, daytime activities and competitions at Ayios Philon beach which also known as Dipkarpaz Halk Beach, one of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus.  The Beach is very deserty, very natural and water is spectacular. Additionally, festival goers will be able to watch turtle hatchlings and entering the sea. The free-entry festival is organised by Spot and Fractal Folks, in collaboration with Dipkarpaz Municipality. For more information call 0533 865 2427.

Carreetta Turtles of North Cyprus
The Carretta Turtles are the loggerhead and oceanic turtles distributed throughout the world. they belong to the family of Cheloniidae and regarded as an Endangered species that need protection from extinction. In the whole of the Mediterranean coast, which has about 300-400 female green turtles that lay approximately 200 eggs. It is a known fact that these sea turtles do not visit any coast but certainly prefer one specific area in order to lay their eggs. They reproduce eggs during June-October and at every reproduction period, they lay approximately 100 eggs into big holes dig themselves.
Alagadi beach, which is in the borders of Esentepe, is one of the shores these turtles have chosen to arrive to. After being laid, in 2 months the eggs begin to hatch and at night the baby turtles begin to come out from under the sand and try to reach the sea in 10-15 minutes. Any sound, light or human activity will startle these turtles and disrupt them to move at wrong places. There are very few places left in the world today for these sea turtles to reproduce. Northern Cyprus is one of these few places remaining. 10% of Carretta Turtles and 25% of green turtles lay their eggs on the shores of North Cyprus.


Mr. Cemal Ozkus.


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